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A founding Director of LIME, Heather combines 13 years consulting experience with over 30 years in service provision, liaison and management roles across the health and community services sector. She has an in-depth knowledge of the aged care, HACC, and oral health service systems and Primary Care Partnerships. Heather has a strong understanding of service provision issues and the role of agencies within the community.

Her extensive experience ranges from direct service provision as an Occupational Therapist in aged and rehabilitation hospitals to management positions within local and state government. Her role as a Community Health Service Board member gave her a detailed insight into the issues faced in meeting community expectations whilst keeping within budget.


Heather offers advanced consultation skills with clients, their families, management, staff, government and Boards of Management. Work undertaken has included service development, planning, reviews and evaluations of services and management of service contracts from both the quality and financial aspect.




Diploma Occupational Therapy





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